The History of Pyramid


After several years of teaching gymnastics at local leisure centres Denise decided that there was an opportunity for some of the gymnasts to progress to a higher standard that wouldn’t be possible with their present training.

Two one hour taster sessions were advertised at the old Sydney West leisure centre to see what the response from the local area would be. From these taster sessions there was enough gymnasts to start a one hour class and a two hour class for those wanting to progress on to competitions. There was one other additional coach at this time.

The first session started on 11th February 1995 at the Sydney West, our first home. Several months of training followed before attempting to enter any competitions, meanwhile class numbers were increasing and a waiting list started.

It was a big day when we travelled to Hastings for our first competiton, the Sussex Floor and Vault. It was a very tense day with no-one knowing quite what to expect. Everyone performed well and from then on competitions became second nature. Also at this time another one hour class was started on a saturday to allow a boys group to start and clear some of the waiting list.

Further coaches were encouraged to join and we then started a second session on a Wednesday evening at Oakmeeds School. This session was specifically for the two hour gymnasts to increase their training to four hours a week.

In 1999 the new Triangle Leisure Centre opened and we were able to transfer all of our sessions there, our existing home.

Some of our older gymnasts took coaching courses and other coaches joined to enable us to increase our membership and our training hours. A further Thursday evening session was added meaning that our four hour gymnasts could train six hours a week and we could offer some additional one hour classes.  We have now added a Mondsay session and can train up to eight hours a week.

We now host two Sussex competitions.

From these beginnings the club has gone on to produce several Sussex Champions at the two and four hour level, Regional Champions at tumbling and Team gym and a winner at the National Tumbling Finals.

In 2005 we became the second club in Sussex to achieve the GymMark accreditation, a national standard, showing that we teach gymnastics in a safe, effective and child friendly environment. During this year the club also celebrated it’s tenth birthday with a party.